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I got weighed

Latte with caramel syrup (heA + 4)



Nakd bar – berry (heB)

20 cashews (heB)

I got weighed. First week in ages of being sensible, went to the gym 4 times, yoga once, stayed within syns, walked lots.

Lost half a pound.

Are you fracking kidding me? Bollocks. I feel pretty cheated actually. And it’s not the best situation, exercise lots, eat well, lose a pathetic amount of weight. I deserve more than that. And the silly thing is, before I got weighed, I was fairly convinced I’d have lost about 2 pounds, and I was feeling good. But then I lost half a pound and now I’m in a right grump. And I binged. I could pretend it was “indulging” but it wasn’t. Eating a vegetable samosa really quickly while driving home and then being paranoid about having samosa breath which might be noticed by your partner? That’s not normal. Then at home, another samosa, humous, pittas, half a small packet of crisps and 6 jammy dodgers. I guess the stuff I had at home could count as indulgence, it was the car which was crazy behaviour.

Ho hum. Onward. I guess I just need to get on with it, and get back on it and not lose the plot any more. I need to go to weigh-in next week knowing I deserve to lose weight. Maybe I’ll try and have 5-8 syns per day.

Here’s a couple of positives:

  • I ate today. Not loads, but some. I’m feeling good about that. Over time I will build up to eating breakfast and lunch (even if it’s cereal and salad), but for the time being, what I had today is huge progress.
  • It was lovely going to SW knowing that I deserved to lose weight. I was nervous while in the queue, but not deep down dreading it.
  • I got into lotus pose at yoga last night. And after yoga I felt amazing. Alive.

Plan for this week:

  • 5-8 syns per day
  • Gym lots, and do yoga at home once
  • Green smoothies for breakfasts
  • Jacket potatoes for tea

It is tough working so hard all week and not being rewarded with weight loss. But no-one said losing weight was easy did they? I just have to keep working at it and not give up.


I got weighed – last one of 2010


I only gained 1.5 pounds!!! Holy crap. Pretty bloody pleased with that! Even if/when I gain a bit next week, that’s fine!

Thought it might be useful to reflect on how I’ve eaten for the last 2 weeks (- yes, 2 weeks, not just one – I didn’t get weighed last week)…

Well, I didn’t even attempt to do SW. I really didn’t. I ate what I wanted, which was things like humous and pittas, thai red curry, sausage rolls and roasted veg, big bowl of cereal (cornflakes) for breakfast, crumpets with marg, etc. But I didn’t have too much sweet stuff, I actually think the less you have, the less you want. I just didn’t fancy too much, and didn’t have many chocolates etc in the house so the option wasn’t there. And I wasn’t binging, because I was satisfied (mentally as well as physically) with my meals, and I didn’t snack as much because I was full from a meal, or looking forward to being hungry for the nice meal I had planned for later on. Having a big bowl of cornflakes for breakfast was great, it kept me full for a bit and was pretty much savoury which I think must help get the day off on the right track. When we travelled to family, I had M+S cous cous salad and crisps for lunch at the services – I guess not being able to buy cakes, chocolate etc. so easily makes some of my choices for me. While we stayed with family, I just had 3 meals a day and tried not to snack between meals, I didn’t have seconds when we had a buffet style lunch.

Tue 7th Dec

I’m back! And on the health wagon.

B: Blueberries and a banana

L: Huge salad with homemade cannelini bean dip, 1oz nuts and seeds (heB), mango

T: Quinoa – around one cup, cooked – with bean and veg chilli (heB oil) and nooch [heA]

S: Cup of tea – soya milk (heA), agave (0.5) and a mint cocoa nakd bar (6.5)

  • Total syns: 7
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

So…I got weighed yesterday. I magically lost 1/2 a pound! Don’t know how that happened, at all. But just going to be happy about it! 🙂

I read “Eat To Live” last week and it made me look at the food I eat, and reinforced what I’ve been thinking lately about fuelling my body properly and treating it as it should be treated. I think that’s shown in today’s food – less snacks, more fresh foods. Feeling good. And no caffeine or sweeteners ( not that I use them, I just mean in diet coke etc.).

Weight: 12.5

(Just 4 more pounds and my BMI will be 25, can’t wait!!)

I got weighed

I lost 3 pounds, which leaves me at 12 stone 6.5.

Pretty pleased with this, it makes me feel much better about last week’s gain. I’m back at a number I’m ok with, and I feel good about this coming week. I’ve made pasta salad for lunches and I have plans for what food I am going to have for the next couple of days.

Got weighed – damn

Aaahhhh shit.

Gained 4 pounds!


I’m not even sure how that is possible.

But I guess for 4 weeks I was swimming 5 times a week and 5 days a week I walked 3 miles. Last week I didn’t swim at all and walked 3 miles twice. Then I spent 4 days comfort eating and not moving in a diazepam-induced zombie state.

Oh well.

Moving on!

Made lunch for tomorrow – just boiled up carrots, asparagus and green beans, they were the only veg we had in the fridge so seemed logical! I have a big box of that for lunch, and an apple and banana for breakfast. I’ll buy a fruit salad for a snack.

At least this big gain will push me to be really good this week.

I got weighed!

And I lost half a pound.

I’m ok with that! Kind of wish it was a bit more, but I did go over my syns, so I can’t expect miracles. Anyway, it’s going in the right direction, that’s all that matters.


I got weighed!

And I lost 2 pounds! Woooo!!!!

So pleased with how I’m doing 🙂