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I couldn’t think of another post title.

I wrote this yesterday morning…

OK, new day. Unfortunately I woke up feeling sad and had a bit of a cry in the car this morning. But I just have to get on with it. I have to make this a good week and hope that the scales reward me appropriately. There’s no other option really is there? And I do think I’m a tiny bit smaller. My work trousers feel a bit looser.


Green smoothie – frozen spinach, banana, light soya milk (heA)


Fruit salad


Salad box from covered market (heB x 2 for oil and seeds)


Jacket pot and beans

And I did that, foodwise, until after tea. And I went to the gym after work! And then it went wrong. Chocolate covered marzipan, toast, a crumpet and some homemade muffins from the freezer. Stupid stuff, with lots of margarine. No need for any of it. I felt shit as I ate it and I felt worse after.


Went to the gym this morning, at 8am. And that was good but I’ve been “off plan” all day. Not bingey, but not normal eating. Porridge and one crumpet for breakfast, jacket pot with marg and beans for lunch, 3 slices of toast with jam for tea. Biscuits and tea in between.

I’ve said it before, but exercise is so good for my mental health. Even if my eating doesn’t go according to plan, the gym makes me feel good. Hence my decision to go tomorrow morning. It won’t erase silly food behaviour, but it will make me feel a bit better.

OK, at least this silliness is at the beginning of my slimming world week, which means I can try to make up for it by thursday and hopefully not get super stressed about weigh in.


Sun: gym, green smoothie, baked beans and veggie sausages, fruit ryvitas, brocolli cheez (this sauce), and make something beany for work lunches

Mon: gym, green smoothie, beany something for lunch,  possibly eating out for tea in which case salad, or otherwise beans and veggie sausages

Tue: gym, green smoothie, beany something for lunch, seeing friends after work, something quick for tea like cereal?

I just need to snap out of it, and get back to the mindset I had last week. It felt good, and in control, and normal. I think I am out of the crazy now. It’s TOTM on tuesday so hopefully that won’t knock me off balance too much – I always end up feeling a bit bloaty. I just need to remember how ace 12.4 felt, and how good I’ll feel if I could be that, or even a bit smaller for our holiday in May, and how much easier life is when thursdays aren’t the most stressful day ever, and food isn’t the enemy.


Exercise plan for this week

Mon – gym before work

Tue – gym before work

Wed – Yoga

Thur – None (SW)

Fri – gym before work

Sat – gym in the morning

Sun – yoga in the evening

Exercise – what I did

Mon: No exercise – Yep, gave blood

Tue: Possibly the Oxford Vegans meeting, if they end up holding it on that day. In which case I’ll go to the gym before work. Went after work

Wed: Yoga class Yep, was great

Thur: SW

Fri: Gym before work Went after work

Sat: Gym in the morning Yep

Sun: Yoga at home – think I’m going to go to the gym instead

The gym – week 2

Let’s see how I did this week:

Mon: Nothing – done!

Tue: Gym – done

Wed: Yoga class – done, and loved it

Thur: SW – yep

Fri: Gym after work – yes, but went in the morning

Sat: Gym in the morning – done

Sun: Nothing – no! meal in London was cancelled so I went to the gym first thing since I can’t go on Monday

Good stuff, feeling quite fit. And my red-facedness is definitely better than it was a fortnight ago!

The coming week

Just wanted to write plans for the coming week…

Mon: No exercise, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow instead. I have to get to work at silly o’clock because of the miserable shitfest which descended at hometime on friday. Can’t wait. 😦 then after work I’m giving blood and they recommend you don’t do strenuous stuff after.

Tue: Possibly the Oxford Vegans meeting, if they end up holding it on that day. In which case I’ll go to the gym before work.

Wed: Yoga class

Thur: SW

Fri: Gym before work

Sat: Gym in the morning

Sun: Yoga at home

How I’m doing ( + week 1 back at the gym)

OK so I thought I’d look at what I planned fitness-wise for the week and what I did…

Mon: Gym – did this!

Tue: Gym – and did this!

Wed: Yoga (do DVD?) – class isn’t on because it’s half term – didn’t manage this, ran out of time because I was cleaning the house. but I did over an hour of non-stop floor cleaning (hoovering and mopping) which was knackering!!

Thur: None – yep!

Fri: Gym – did this. parents stayed with us, and I went at 7am before anyone was up.

Sat: None – No! I went to the gym!!! at 8am.

Sun: Gym – well, I’m sat here in my gym clothes, about to leave, so that’s a yes!

Wow! Well I didn’t look at my plan so didn’t realise I hadn’t planned to go yesterday. But I’m really pleased with myself! I know this week I have gone a bit mad, and been way more than I probably will in the future, but I’m feeling great. I’d forgotten just how good it makes me feel. I’m still super worried about getting weighed, and I haven’t eaten “on plan” while my parents visited (I did, however, cook some awesome food. orange scones, risotto, spinach and artichoke dip, tahini rice and beans, and today I made flapjacks for my partner to take to work for brekkies). But I am feeling fitter than I was. Even if (when) I gain 4 pounds on thursday, that will be over 3 weeks (since I have missed 2 weigh-ins) and I just have to get on with it.

Found these posts useful in terms of workout motivation.

Plan for this week, movement-wise:

Mon: Nothing

Tue: Gym

Wed: Yoga class

Thur: SW

Fri: Gym after work

Sat: Gym in the morning

Sun: Nothing, going for a meal (and then probably a trip to wholefoods!), very excited!

OK so between now and thursday, food wise, I just need to be as sensible with food as possible. I know I’ll have gained but it is pretty much unavoidable at this point. I need to just deal with what’s happened. I know I am capable of being on plan and losing weight. I can’t wait to be 11 stone, it’s going to be amazing.

Mon 21st Feb

Movement plan for this week:

Mon: Gym

Tue: Gym

Wed: Yoga (do DVD?) – class isn’t on because it’s half term

Thur: None

Fri: Gym

Sat: None

Sun: Gym

Here’s what I ate today. A good day!


Vanilla soya yogurt (4) with grape nuts (heB) and a banana


Carrot sticks


Asda chickpea dal, and mango


Apple, and 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses (2)


Tomato and herb Pasta and sauce – with sausages and nooch [heA]


Tea with agave x 1 (0.5)

Homemade gluten free flapjack (heB + 8 ) – made for a friend for her birthday, and I had one which fell apart. Delish!

  • Usual walk (both ways)
  • Gym: 20 min cycle and 20 min cross trainer
  • Total syns: 14.5