Tue 8th March


Tea with agave (0.5), cocoa nakd bar [heB], banana


Fruit salad, tea with agave x 2 (1), 5 almonds and 10 cashews (heB)


Bean chilli and an orange


Apple, tea with sugar (1)


2 wicken fen sausages (5), 1 potato waffle (3.5), baked beans


Tea with agave (0.5) and 4 jammie dodgers (16)

  • Usual walk, both ways (Seacourt)
  • Gym – 20 mins cycle and 20 mins cross trainer
  • Syns: 27.5
  • Total syns for the week so far: 84.5

This whole scale rejection thing is quite difficult!! I had a really strong urge to weigh myself this morning! But I know that whatever it said, it would mess me up. And this is day 5 of being “on plan” and I’m feeling really good. I’m even wearing a pale grey jumper for work instead of black. 🙂

I fell over today. One minute I was happily walking, the next minute all of my body weight is on one knee. Ouchie. That was at about 3.30. And even though it hurt (lots!), I still went to the gym!!! I had a bit of an internal dialogue, and almost talked myself out of it, but I went 😀 I thought about how I’d feel like I’d let myself down if I didn’t go, and remembered that that kind of thinking can lead to bingey nonsense and sadness. I also decided I’d go for a bit, and even if I didn’t do the usual 40 mins of cardio, I’d do a bit.

Oh, and I know I’m over my syns (for the day that is, I’m fine for the week), but god damn, did I enjoy those biscuits!!!! Loved every one of them and was fine afterwards, no urge to binge or eat more.


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