Mon 7th March


Latte (heA) with sugar (1), homemade carrot and raisin muffin (5) and dorset cereals fruity porridge (heB)


Apple and a berry nakd bar [heB]


Leftover bol (3.5 For sundried toms and loyd g sauce)


Mango and a tea with agave (0.5)

Later snack (after giving blood):

3 ginger snaps (7.5)


Chilli with nooch [heA] and chips


Tea with agave (0.5) and a homemade muffin (5)

  • Walked one way (Seacourt)
  • Syns: 23

Went a bit over today. But hey, I did give away almost a pint of blood! And I’m confident I’ll make it up by thursday. Had a wobble with the muffin (ate it quickly in the kitchen and considered having more) but I managed. I’m feeling healthy from eating all of this good food – plenty of beans and veggies. Oh, and when I gave blood, the nurse said my iron levels were “really good” 😀


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