Sat 5th March


Vanilla soya yogurt (4) with vogels ultra bran (heB)


Tea with agave (0.5)


Roasted cauliflower and courgette with half a tin of spicy refried beans


Mango, tea with agave (0.5), 2 fruit ryvitas (heB)


Wholewheat spaghetti, loyd grossman sauce (3) with onion, tinned tomatoes, courgette, sundried tomatoes (0.5), linda mc mince, petit pois and nooch [heA]


2 oranges, tea with agave (0.5) and a tbsp blackstrap molasses (2)

  • Gym – 20 mins cycle, 20 mins cross trainer
  • Syns: 10.5

Good day! That’s 2 in a row! And I’m feeling fitter and healthier. The gym is so good for my mental health, I need to remember that. And when I go, it’s fine, and it’s over pretty quickly and I feel great.

Everything is in my control. By making good choices and sticking to my food plans, and by staying in control, I am in control of my mental health and my feelings on a daily basis. If I continue to be sensible, thursday and the days up to it won’t be stressful, they will be normal. It’s all in my hands.


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