Fri 4th March


Banana and nakd bar – berry (6)


Apple and orange


Salad box from covered market (heB x 2 – seeds and oil)


Chips, beans, 3 x frys sausages


Tea with agave (0.5), 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses (2)

  • Gym – 20 mins cycle, 20 mins cross trainer
  • Syns: 8.5

syn-free vegan sausages!

OK. Fresh start. Got weighed yesterday, and, having missed 2 weigh-ins, I gained 2 pounds. Which was way better than I thought. It’s a good job I go with my friend, because I might well have jacked the whole thing in by now if I didn’t. I was feeling really fed up with the whole thing, and like it was making me mental too.

But anyway, I’m not going to dwell on that. Ranted about it yesterday with my SW friend so feeling ok now. Looking forward to being in control, not binging, feeling good and losing weight.

The plan is; making exciting food, being organised with food, keeping up with the gym, try to have less than 10 syns per week, keep my sanity, don’t let the week revolve around thursday weigh-ins, and eat on thursdays (yes, current stupid behaviour – i’m going to build it up week by week).


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