How I’m doing ( + week 1 back at the gym)

OK so I thought I’d look at what I planned fitness-wise for the week and what I did…

Mon: Gym – did this!

Tue: Gym – and did this!

Wed: Yoga (do DVD?) – class isn’t on because it’s half term – didn’t manage this, ran out of time because I was cleaning the house. but I did over an hour of non-stop floor cleaning (hoovering and mopping) which was knackering!!

Thur: None – yep!

Fri: Gym – did this. parents stayed with us, and I went at 7am before anyone was up.

Sat: None – No! I went to the gym!!! at 8am.

Sun: Gym – well, I’m sat here in my gym clothes, about to leave, so that’s a yes!

Wow! Well I didn’t look at my plan so didn’t realise I hadn’t planned to go yesterday. But I’m really pleased with myself! I know this week I have gone a bit mad, and been way more than I probably will in the future, but I’m feeling great. I’d forgotten just how good it makes me feel. I’m still super worried about getting weighed, and I haven’t eaten “on plan” while my parents visited (I did, however, cook some awesome food. orange scones, risotto, spinach and artichoke dip, tahini rice and beans, and today I made flapjacks for my partner to take to work for brekkies). But I am feeling fitter than I was. Even if (when) I gain 4 pounds on thursday, that will be over 3 weeks (since I have missed 2 weigh-ins) and I just have to get on with it.

Found these posts useful in terms of workout motivation.

Plan for this week, movement-wise:

Mon: Nothing

Tue: Gym

Wed: Yoga class

Thur: SW

Fri: Gym after work

Sat: Gym in the morning

Sun: Nothing, going for a meal (and then probably a trip to wholefoods!), very excited!

OK so between now and thursday, food wise, I just need to be as sensible with food as possible. I know I’ll have gained but it is pretty much unavoidable at this point. I need to just deal with what’s happened. I know I am capable of being on plan and losing weight. I can’t wait to be 11 stone, it’s going to be amazing.


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