Gym + molasses


I joined the gym this morning! There’s been an offer on for a while, £25 per month which includes 3 different gyms, and all classes and gym and swimming etc. I stopped going to the gym the year before last because I started jogging but I’m not jogging now, and I haven’t been for ages (the stress of the 10k put me off – and i’m a super shit runner, I guess partly because I’m too heavy, so my knees etc. didn’t like it). I want to get back into moving more, and feeling better about myself. At the minute I just feel heavy and lumpy, and out of control. And bingey and panicky about dieting and like it’s all hopeless. Life is in my hands so I need to change it.

Even if I just go to the gym and do 30mins, that’s fine. It’s about regular movement.

Here’s how I would like my weeks to look…

Mon: Gym

Tue: Gym

Wed: Saxophone every other week, and yoga every week

Thur: SW weigh-in

Fri – Gym (optional)

Sat – Gym or walk/jog

Sun – Nothing – or gym instead of monday

Blackstrap molasses

This is just an awesome new food discovery. Thanks to this post (love that website, awesome). Blackstrap molasses have tons of iron and calcium, and apart from that, it’s delicious!! I had it in porridge on friday but realised when I licked it off the spoon, it is gorgeous. It tastes exactly like treacle toffee! And low in syns (2 per tbsp), so I plan to have it most days. Straight off the spoon!!


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