Back again!

I’m back! Going to start recording my eats on here again. Notebooks are all well and good, but I end up having a silly day or two and then wanting to rip out loads of the notebook and start again, it’s bonkers.

I’ve been ill recently. I had the flu, and then a sinus infection (I’ll be on antibiotics til Sunday but I’m feeling much better). Obviously this has meant that not only have I not been moving much, but my food has been all over the place. The reality is that if I’m ill, I’m just not interested in cooking meals and eating sensibly. But hey. I’m feeling ok now so I’m back to sensibleness.

I really want to lose this weight. I have been messing about since xmas, and before then I was at a weight (12.3) that I was really pleased with. So I can’t get away from feeling like I’ve let myself down. But I just need to get back on it and stop thinking like that.

I ordered this book today, so it should arrive soon. And I want to be 11 stone by the summer. I can do this. 11 stone by July? Is that possible? I’m going to try.


Banana, 2 wheat biscuits (heB) and light soya milk (heA)


20 cashews (heB) and 3 caramel rice cakes (4.5)


Innocent veg pot – moroccan tagine with giant cous cous (6.5)

Sugar in tea x 1 (1)




Quinoa with smoked tofu, shallots, mushrooms, sweetcorn, seaweed and soy sauce

Tea with agave x 1 (0.5)



  • Usual walk (both ways)
  • Total syns: 12.5

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