I got weighed – last one of 2010


I only gained 1.5 pounds!!! Holy crap. Pretty bloody pleased with that! Even if/when I gain a bit next week, that’s fine!

Thought it might be useful to reflect on how I’ve eaten for the last 2 weeks (- yes, 2 weeks, not just one – I didn’t get weighed last week)…

Well, I didn’t even attempt to do SW. I really didn’t. I ate what I wanted, which was things like humous and pittas, thai red curry, sausage rolls and roasted veg, big bowl of cereal (cornflakes) for breakfast, crumpets with marg, etc. But I didn’t have too much sweet stuff, I actually think the less you have, the less you want. I just didn’t fancy too much, and didn’t have many chocolates etc in the house so the option wasn’t there. And I wasn’t binging, because I was satisfied (mentally as well as physically) with my meals, and I didn’t snack as much because I was full from a meal, or looking forward to being hungry for the nice meal I had planned for later on. Having a big bowl of cornflakes for breakfast was great, it kept me full for a bit and was pretty much savoury which I think must help get the day off on the right track. When we travelled to family, I had M+S cous cous salad and crisps for lunch at the services – I guess not being able to buy cakes, chocolate etc. so easily makes some of my choices for me. While we stayed with family, I just had 3 meals a day and tried not to snack between meals, I didn’t have seconds when we had a buffet style lunch.


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