Thoughts on 2010, intentions for 2011


  • I started the year doing my best not to diet, because I was sure that dieting was what had made me crazy and I wanted to eat “normally” and break out of the binge eating cycle.
  • I went vegan in Feb. Part of this involved lots of baking and cooking experimentation, which meant I gained a bit of weight. However I was super happy with my diet overall and the fact that I’m doing my bit to make the world a better place every time I eat a meal.
  • Trained for and did a 10k. Unfortunately being heavy meant that my knees didn’t like it. I did the 10k, but no jogging since then (July).
  • Went on a yoga weekend at the start of August which was amazing. Not managed to fit in much yoga since then.
  • Got a new bathroom around Sept/Oct, which meant we didn’t have a shower in the house for 4 weeks. I went swimming every day, which was fine, and actually got me back into it a bit (and I’m sure wearing a swimming costume regularly is good for body image stuff) but I got torticollis aftewards, which the doc says was quite probably triggered by swimming (breast stroke with head above water due to contact lenses = bad for neck).
  • I wore contact lenses alot more in 2010, which was good. I think I look nicer without glasses, and therefore I feel better about myself.
  • I started Slimming World in Sept with a friend. Lost some weight, and felt good. Good to feel in control of my destiny. A bit of binge eating crept back in but I am working on it. SW is good because it means I eat more fresh, good food.
  • Had a pretty stressful time at work, when led to me chilling out about it at the end of the year. I have to work hard on stepping back, and appreciating my salary, and not get too drawn in to the nonsense and madness that is my job. I just have to go with the flow, do my job and not get too het up. I’ve started doing this but it’s an ongoing thing to deal with.


I don’t want to do “new years resolutions”, it’s too much of a cliche. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking at what you want the year to be like.

  • Smoking. Stop! It’s so stupid.
  • Jogging: much though I have no intention of doing a 10k again, ever, I do want to be more active. When the weather is nicer I’d like to go out just for a 2k, or 20 min jog, just because I want to. It’s tricky in england because often the weather is too cold or too hot! But I’ll do my best.
  • Yoga: more! It makes me feel great, but I foget that when I don’t do it. Even if all I do is 10 mins and then some meditation, that will be great.
  • Wear contact lenses more.
  • Cook lots of new and exciting foods. I have such a lot of cookbooks, I should make the savoury things out of them more often.
  • Clothes: as I get smaller I feel better and better in my clothes. I want to look nice more often, and care about things fitting nicely. I tried hard in the last 6 months not to buy many clothes because I just don’t need them, I have so many. I’m going to carry that on until I hit my goal weight. My goal is 11 stone and J has said I can go on a £250 spree when I get there, which I will, and I’ll get rid of my big clothes.
  • SW: Keep going, keep losing weight. Need to be a bit more organised with work lunches, so I should do some more recipes from cookbooks. I ordered a lovely little diet diary book thing off amazon so it’ll be good to start the year off with that.
  • Internet: less! It’s amazing how much time I spend on this laptop. And things like facebook are such a waste of time. Which leads me on to my next point…
  • 52. I want to read 52 books next year.
  • I’m thinking about making and selling jewellery, which I will look into/persue further in 2011.
  • Work: keep on thinking about the bigger picture, (which realistically is babies in a couple of years, i hope!) and remember I get paid more than I thought I ever would at this age.

Ok that’s it for the moment I think. On another note, for the past 2 weeks I haven’t done SW at all, not even tried. And you know what? No binging, and much less snacking between meals. Funny that! I just had fullfilling meals which were ace. I’m getting weighed tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained…probably around 4 pounds? Possibly more. But hey, it’s xmas. I’ve not been crazy and not binging has been just wonderful. Normal even. And I’m proud of myself for going. Unfortunately I may well gain again when I go next week, because I have a super fun week coming up (going away for 2 nights, and spending new year with preggers best bud), but that’s ok. It’s good to see what damage has been done!! 🙂


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