Thur 9th Dec

B: Banana + 20 cashews (heB)

S: 20 cashews (heB)

L: Leftover chilli and quinoa

S: Mango

T: Roast cauliflower and new pots with humous (4)

S: 5 bendicks mint chocolates (10), tea with soya milk (heA) and agave (0.5)

  • Total syns: 14.5
  • Total syns so far this week: 34.5
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

Really proud of myself today. After eating my mango, I was really hungry. I ended up leaving work later than planned and kept thinking about binging. But I managed to go to the supermarket, come home, roast veggies, and eat them without binging. I didn’t buy anything stupid at the shop at all. On the way to my car after work I was thinking about binging, and I just did lots of thinking; what I would usually have, what it would taste like, how much I would actually enjoy, how I would feel afterwards. I think this thinking process prevented me from doing it. I also thought about how I’d have to deal with it anyway, it would affect the rest of my week and the syns I’d have, as well as my weigh-in on monday. I reminded myself that it would be much much nicer to have some chocolate after tea and enjoy it, instead of eating crisps and then beating myself up for having something sweet after tea.


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