Tue 7th Dec

I’m back! And on the health wagon.

B: Blueberries and a banana

L: Huge salad with homemade cannelini bean dip, 1oz nuts and seeds (heB), mango

T: Quinoa – around one cup, cooked – with bean and veg chilli (heB oil) and nooch [heA]

S: Cup of tea – soya milk (heA), agave (0.5) and a mint cocoa nakd bar (6.5)

  • Total syns: 7
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

So…I got weighed yesterday. I magically lost 1/2 a pound! Don’t know how that happened, at all. But just going to be happy about it! 🙂

I read “Eat To Live” last week and it made me look at the food I eat, and reinforced what I’ve been thinking lately about fuelling my body properly and treating it as it should be treated. I think that’s shown in today’s food – less snacks, more fresh foods. Feeling good. And no caffeine or sweeteners ( not that I use them, I just mean in diet coke etc.).

Weight: 12.5

(Just 4 more pounds and my BMI will be 25, can’t wait!!)


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