Well. I’ve been on a 4 day binge. Why? I don’t know. Bread, cereal, chocolate, crisps. Once I got it in my head that I wasn’t going to bother going to weigh-in on monday, that was it. Downhill spiral.

I seem to have just completed forgotten about my health. About this body, this one body I get for my whole life. That’s the problem with “dieting” I guess – the focus becomes all about numbers on a scale, the size of your trousers. How healthy I feel, how nutritious my food is, how energised I feel by how I fuel my body; it all goes out of the window.

But today is a new day, and I have given myself a bit of a mental slap, and I’m getting my brain back on track. It’s about vitality and health, and part of that is fuelling my body with the right amount of the right foods, and in turn carrying less weight to be overall healthier and happier. It’s not about “starting the diet tomorrow” or stuffing myself with foods I don’t allow myself while “dieting”. I don’t need a diet, I need a healthy life.


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