So. Today I was thinking maybe I wouldn’t go to weigh-in tomorrow. I wanted to skip it because I haven’t been on plan since friday. But I just have to go. If I don’t, then I can’t start a new week. I’ll end up spending a week trying to make up for this week; I need to reset my syns by getting weighed tomorrow.

I think part of the problem I keep having is that before I’ve even got to saturday, I’m on 100 out of 105 syns. Therefore I’m facing a whole bloody weekend without a biscuit, or any little treat. Rubbish. So. My plan for this week is to have 5-8 syns per day from tue to friday, so that I have lots left for the weekend (and friday night).

I also plan to plan my meals better! More interesting lunches (goddamn was that pasta salad boring last week) and evening meals. I want to make mac/broc and cheese, stir fry, recipes from books.

I don’t have any social things going on this week, which is ace. Last week was hectic which I think threw me off a bit. It’ll mean I can plan nice evening meals and make time for myself.

Right, I’m off to play my sax and do a wee bit of yoga.


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