Fri 5th Nov

Green smoothie – spinach, unsweetened soya milk (heA), banana

Light soya milk in teas and on cereal (heA)

Agave in tea x 3 (1.5)

Fortune cookie (2?)

Bag of ryvita minis (heB)

M+S cous cous salad (2.5)



Half a pouch of brown rice (1)

Baked beans, onion, sweetcorn, spinach

Nooch (heA)

5 nairns choc oat biscuits (12.5)

3 gingersnaps (7.5)

wheat biscuits (heB)

  • Total syns: 27
  • Total syns this week so far: 91
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

Went a bit biscuit crazy. The thing is, I don’t remember enjoying any biscuits after the first 2. Need to remember that for next time. I probably would have enjoyed them more if I’d had them tomorrow. Having cereal afterwards helped because it made me full / satisfied and broke the sweet things overload, because it was pretty much savoury.


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