Plans plans plans…

Wed: Green smoothie for breakfast, blooblies for a snack, and going to Noodlebar for lunch. Got plans for the noodlebar: steamed rice, veg and cashews in sezchuan sauce. Going to count heB for cashews, heB for oil and 10 for sauce. Probably over estimating the syns a bit but that’s ok, better to be on the safe side. For tea I might have a jacket potato with beans.

Thur: Green smoothie, blooblies. And again, noodlebar! The exact same place. Same plan! I do love it there, and 2 separate groups of work friends want to go 🙂 Then giving blood, and then off to a gig in the evening. I don’t know what I’ll do for tea – maybe just buy some fruit salad, or I might take a little box of food, some kind of grain and veggies.

Fri: If I make something for thursday tea, I can take the same thing for lunch on friday. As for tea, I’m not sure! Want to go to a firework display!

– Writing these plans has been a really good distraction from my crazy brain wanting to binge! And helps to get focussed on the plans for the week, and look forward to the nice food I will be eating, which is worth saving syns for 🙂


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