I’m back!

Oh man how rubbish have I been at updating? Here’s a wee recap of the week…

  • Monday – got weighed, lost 1.5, very pleased, then made carrot cake for arrival of parents and grandma on tuesday and cleaned house
  • Tuesday – work all day, then parents and grandma arrived. They asked me to buy cow milk for them, which disappointed me a bit. Wish they’d have just tried soya, or brought their own. Nevermind. Bathroom finally got finished after 4 weeks, just in the nick of time since we had visitors. Excited about jogging and yoga now I can shower again! Went to nice place for a meal tue eve, who I had much contact with beforehand in terms of what they’d cook me. Lovely tofu/garlic/fancy mushroom scramble thing on toast for starter, and then a gorgeous harissa roasted veg, giant cous cous with nuts and dried fruit thing. Lovely. Then carrot cake when we got home.
  • Wednesday – Went to local farm shop in the morning, had jacket pot and beans for lunch. After lunch I prepped most of tea so I wouldn’t have to do it later. In the afternoon we went to a bead shop, and then to an arboretum. My neck was pretty painful all day, and got considerably worse in the afternoon. Cancelled my sax lesson. Realised pain was torticollis, something I have had before. Hideous. Oh, but the food I made for tea was awesome. Italian rice and beans from this book and this green tart recipe.
  • Thursday – Emergency doctor appointment. Got diazepam, and was told to take it along with both ibruprofen and paracetamol. Family left after lunch, spent rest  of day on sofa.
  • And then since then it’s been the same, lots of resting on the sofa, feeling head spinny and sometimes drowsy from drugs, and eating whatever the hell I wanted. My partner knows I love crisps so bless him, he buys me lots of them when I’m ill!! And apart from that it’s been things like toast, biscuits, etc.

I was thinking of bailing on weigh in tomorrow but I am going to go, providing my neck isn’t too horrendous. I need to go so I can make a fresh start, and have a new week. Otherwise I’d be stressed this week and try and have low syns to make up for it. If I go and get weighed, even if I gain 2 pounds, I know where I stand and can get back on track.

Plans for this week…

  • I plan to get some tofu and make some new things. Tofu scramble is something I’ve been meaning to try (will look up a recipe in one of my many cookbooks), and I like the sound of this (or a variation of it).
  • I am going to be organised with work lunches. We have cupboards full of grains so I just need to get some veggies and I’ll be able to put together good healthy lunchboxes.
  • Once my neck is manageable, I’m going to do yoga. It makes me feel so good, I forget when I don’t do it but now I am craving it. The peace, serenity, just being alone with my body and mind. Good stuff.
  • Also want to read some books. I miss reading, I hardly ever do it now! Less telly, more reading.
  • I am going to look through some cookbooks for recipes I will make this week, need some new food insprirations so I don’t get bored.
  • Green smoothies! Just ordered this to make it easier to transport them to work… 🙂


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