Sun 24th Oct

Oh very dear. All gone wrong! I was doing so well. But you know what? Yesterday was a crap day, for a variety of reasons I’m not going to list here. Then this morning wasn’t much better. We stayed over at someone’s house, I woke at 7.30 due to not drinking the night before, and watched telly on my own for over 2 hours before anyone else surfaced. The house was fucking freezing, so sitting there was pretty crap! And when people did get up, I was offered crumpets. I asked if they were vegan friendly. No. They didn’t have anything else in, apart from an apple, which I declined because that’s just too depressing. I know veganism can be tricky for people to get, but these are people we’ve known for ages, they’ve known I was vegan for ages, they knew we were staying over. And they just weren’t bothered about the fact that I couldn’t eat anything, they really weren’t apologetic or even very interested. Weird. And the annoying thing is that I went to loads of effort to make (very expensive, due to the ingredients) gluten free double choc cookies, coz the guy is a celiac. I’m not sure why I bothered.

Oh, and part of yesterday being rubbish was that I had to sit at a dinner table for nearly 2 hours with 3 people eating nothing but cheese. Vegan hell.

Aaaanywho, by the time we left their house today I was really hungry (stomach growling, feel empty and a bit sick) and somewhat grumpy. Being made to watch F1 on an empty stomach in a freezing house can do that to a girl. So by the time we approached the services, SW was out of the window. I had a M+S veg samosa (awesome), and bought crisps and low fat humous to have at home. I then got a large latte from Costa. Nice. My day hasn’t been bingey, or completely insane, just not at all SW-y. And not the behaviour of someone who’s getting weighed tomorrow. Hey hum! Nevermind. Here’s the food…

M+S veg samosa

Costa soya latte

1/2 bigbag crisps (so…around 75g)

A bit of lf humous

3 homemade choc cookies

3 teas with sugar

Wholemeal pasta with pesto

Hot chocolate

It certainly could be worse. And like I said, no bingey behaviour, which is cool 😀 Shame about my weekend being a bit rubbish but my parents are visiting in a couple of days, so I’m excited about that!


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