Fri 22nd Oct


20 cashews (heB)

Ryvita minis (heB)

M+S Orzo pasta salad (1)

M+S Cous cous salad (2.5)

GF pasta

1 tbsp pesto [heB] – bending the rules!!

Wilted spinach

Light soya milk in tea x 1 (heA)

Agave in tea x 1 (0.5)

2 homemade GF double choc cookies (9)

  • Total syns: 13
  • Running total for the week: 85.5
  • 20 min swim
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

Made the cookies because we’re visiting friends tomorrow and one’s a celiac, and I like baking! They are fairly small and there’s about 48 of them so I had 2 to test them (awesome), and I’ve put about 12 in the freezer for the future – so I don’t feel like I need to eat loads because soon there won’t be any. I’ll have 2 tomorrow night at our friends’ house, and possibly 2 on sunday night. That will be all of my syns for the week.

Plan for tomorrow – swim in the morning, and a banana for breakfast. Pub lunch out with some family people, we’re going somewhere I get a huge salad so I’ll have that with no dressing. Then in the evening we’re going to our friends house – they are apparently cooking a casserole so I imagine that’ll be heB x 2 for any oil, but a vegan casserole can’t have much else other than veg and beans in it can it? Hopefully it’ll be ok. Then 2 cookies. No alcohol because I’m not bothered. I’d rather spend my syns on cookies!! 🙂


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