Thur 21st Oct

Light soya milk in tea (heA)

Agave in tea x 2 (1)


Cashews x 20 (heB)

Pasta salad – same as yesterday

3 slices tempeh

1 slice bread (heB)

With marg (4)

Sweet potato chips

Cauliflower and brocolli

With nooch [heA]

2 nairns oat biscuits (4)

  • Total syns: 9
  • Running syns total for the week: 72.5
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)

Was verging on a binge today after tea. While I was waiting for my tea to cook I ate a slice of toast with margarine, and that set me off a bit (I think missing my afternoon snack made me over hungry). I ate my tea and then was on the verge of having more toast. But I just held myself back for a bit, stayed on the sofa and didn’t let myself head to the kitchen. Thought a bit about how upset I’d be with myself if I binged, how stressful monday would be, how much I would regret it. Reminded myself that my tea needed time to get to my stomach and my brain, so I was satisfied. I did my food diary on here, which I think helped; brought my back into the moment properly instead of getting lost in a bingey daze. After a bit, when I knew I could trust myself, I made a cup of tea and had 2 biscuits (nairns fruity oat biscuit, I got a box of two-packs in different flavours, it’s great since I can’t trust myself with a whole packet of biscuits!). Happy now. Well done me.


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