Mon 18th Oct

Small banana

Soya milk in latte (heA)

Sugar in latte (1)

Light soya milk in tea x 1 (heA)

Agave in tea x 1 (0.5)

Jacket pot with beans and salad in pub

Entire packet of pink wafers (2 each – had 12 I think? – 24)

4 crumpets (18)

Marg (?14)

  • Syns post weigh in: 56
  • 20 min swim
  • Walked 1 way (seacourt

Back into a bad bad habit. Yes, that is hunger all day, weigh-in, binge. Totally stupid. The jacket potato at the pub was completely crap which I’m sure didn’t help. The sad thing is I went to the supermarket on the way home to get ingredients for pasta salad for the lunches at work (which I did get, and made when I got home), and ended up getting the stupid pink wafers and eating them all. They weren’t even nice, and I felt sick. Then I got home and ate crumpets. Ridiculous.

So rather than feel bad about it and just wish it hadn’t happened, I decided that I will deal with it properly. I added up the syns, and I’ll take them into account this week, so the 56 comes out of my weekly allowance of 105. That means I have 49 left. That absolutely means I should lose weight next week, so long as I stick to my syns. Also maybe I won’t binge next week because it’ll just mean the syns come out of my weekly allowance – I’m not really looking forward to this week with no syns! Tricky!

Plan for next week: banana for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch. Build it up each week until I am back on proper lunch etc. There’s no point eating normally on monday because it would be so stressful worrying about it affecting my weigh-in. And at least since I have counted my binge syns into my weekly allowance, I know if I keep to my syns then I should lose weight when I get weighed. Hopefully!


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