Sat 16th Oct

Light soya milk in teas and on cereal (heA)

Wheat biscuit (heB)

M+S cous cous salad (2.5)

Alpro soya yogurt (2)


Gnocchi (2?)

Kale – 2 big leaves

Arrabiata sauce (1)

Nooch [heA]

Agave in tea x 3 (1.5)

1/2 a whittards 45g dark chocolate bar (6)

Doves farm low fat fruity oat bar [heB]

  • Total syns: 15

Saw a friend today, and she said I must need to get some new clothes soon as surely everything is falling off me! Admittedly she knows I’m doing SW, but still. She said I was looking “hot” (her words) last time I saw her too, and said I looked slimmer. Nice! My work trousers are getting pretty big actually. Luckily I have lots of different sizes, so I don’t need to buy any more just yet.


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