Wed 13th Oct

Light soya milk in teas (heA)

Agave in tea x 5 (2.5)

Doves farm low fat cereal bar [heB]

Alpro soya peach yogurt (2)

Ryvita minis (heB)


Small banana

M+S beetroot salad with balsamic (1)

M+S orzo pasta salad (1)



2 roast peppers, stuffed with tomato cous cous (neg), onion, green lentils, petit pois, olives (1)

Roast new pots

1 tbsp ketchup (1)

Doves farm crispy choc rice bar (7.5)

  • Total syns: 16
  • Usual walk (Seacourt)
  • 20 min swim

Saw someone this morning who I used to work with, who I haven’t seen for over a year. The first thing he said to me was that I was looking really healthy and well, and slim. Woo! I do feel healthy at the moment. And I do feel slimmer too. Obviously not significantly, but I feel less bulky in my work clothes, and in things like jeans and t-shirts. It’s nice. Eating well really does make me feel good all round, and does ace things for my mental state and body image!


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