Plans, thoughts…fri 24th sept

Sat – porridge for breakfast, jacket pot with beans for lunch, pasta with pasatta and veg for tea. Also will pop to the shop to buy new kitchen scales since my current ones have died.

Sun – porridge for breakfast, jacket pot again for lunch. Meal out in the evening with the outlaws. Going to a lovely local pub where I’ll have my usual salad (big salad with mango and avocado)

Mon – fruit salad for breakfast, and then meeting a friend for lunch and he suggested we go to somewhere near work which does vegan cake, so that’ll be my lunch! I thought about suggesting we go somewhere else or reschedule, but I can’t stop life just because¬† of weigh-in.

On Monday before I go to weigh-in (it’s after work so I have some time to waste before it starts), I will pop to the supermarket and get sorted for the coming week. Micro porridges for at work, fruit, veg, soya milk, small humous pots, salad bits for work lunches.

It’s my birthday next week. It’s actually on thursday but I’m doing a nightmare work day (10am-10pm, public meeting in the evening) so I am moving it to friday. Why not? So me and my manfriend are having a fun day out on friday (I have the day off work, he does a half day) – we’ll go bowling, and then out for a meal. I’m going to choose italian and have a pizza because that will be a real treat but a pizza base can’t be too bad syn-wise, I’m sure. Then next saturday we’re visiting friends and going for food. They have a pizza express near then so I’ll suggest we go there and I’ll have salad or pasta (I’m waiting to hear back from them about whether they use fresh or dried pasta).

Plans are good! I should do this more.


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