Mon 30th Aug


60g bran flakes (136)

soya milk on bran flakes (50)

2 fruit and oat biscuits (106)

seeded wrap (162)

spinach + alfalfa sprouts (-)

50g reduced fat hummous (75)

180g strawberries (54)

100ml alpro single cream (122)

1/4 of this recipe (328)

corn on the cob (-)

2 lotus biscuits, 2 digestives, 1 oat and fruit biscuit (225)

soya milk in a couple of teas (30)

4 digestives, 1 lotus biscuit, 1 caramel rice cake (280)

TOTAL : 1568


Ooops! Went a bit over. But hey, it really could have been worse. Eating a few too many organic vegan digestives isn’t the end of the world is it!? The most important thing is that I felt pretty in control the whole time, and knew I wasn’t completely blowing off the day and having a binge, with a promise of “starting again” tomorrow. Admittedly, I do think maybe having biscuits in the house isn’t the best idea for me…I do better with bars and desserts which are portioned and satisfying. But I’ve had a lovely day; Played on the xbox alot, chilled out with MF, bought some good food for the next couple of days, cooked lovely food.


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