Sun 29th Aug


125g vanilla soya yogurt (93)

bear granola nibbles (98)

1 digestive (56)

light soya milk in teas today (44)

pub – side salad [no dressing] (-)

pub – sweet pot chips (?150 for oil)

goodlife nut cutlet (223)

1 slice bread (100)

5g pure marg (30)

alpro vanilla dessert (100)

3 oat and fruit biscuits (159)

TOTAL : 1053


went bowling! 3 games


I’m feeling good. When I’m off the rails I completely forget about how awesome I feel when I’m in control and working towards my goal. All I think about is how being “on a diet” involves hunger and saying no to things. It’s just not like that. I don’t think I’m depriving myself, and waking up hungry and ready for breakfast is pretty good! And normal, I think!

One thing I need to do is make more exciting foods for evening meals. It’s so easy to get stuck having a veggie burger (or similar) with veg. I need to experiment a bit more and make more exciting things. I would like to make some lovely vegan mac and cheese but I’m a bit scared of the calories. But then it would be awesome, and I could have a small portion with lots of veg. So I’m going to look into some recipes for interesting food.

10pm – something else I have realised I like about calorie counting is that in the evening, once my calories are used up (when i’ve had pudding!), I just stop eating. There’s nothing left in my calorie allowance, so that’s it. The end. And actually I don’t even think about food really. I guess it goes against listening to your body and hunger signals etc. but realistically after tea and pudding I shouldn’t be snacking on anything else. If I get truly hungry I might have some fruit or something. Lots of evening snacking is a mindless boredom thing, when I’m watching telly, so I’m glad that doesn’t happen.


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