Fri 27th Aug


dorset cereals nutty cereal bar (137)

200ml light soya milk in teas (44)

colleague made vegan biscuits, especially so I could have [a small] one! (?70)

banana (100)

bugsy sandwich [humous, carrot, alfalfa, leaves, wholemeal bread] (278)

olives (-)

tropical fruit sticks (88)

jacket pot (-)

humous (300)

brocolli (-)

2 doves farm digestives (112)

2 lotus biscuits (60)

TOTAL : 1189


walked 2.5 miles

planned an early morning swim today but my neck was bad when I woke up so I didn’t go. Must do some movement this weekend!


So proud of my willpower today!! There has been vegan-friendly cookies in the office all week, which never happens! But I have only had one today and one earlier in the week. And today I had a really early tea because I was hungry, but then stopped eating and haven’t had anything else after my pud (tea and biccies). Weigh-in in the morning!

Tonight I did a clear out of my clothes. I have such alot of clothes too small for me which I have never ever worn. I can’t wait til they fit. I got rid of lots of old clothes, or ones which don’t make me feel good. And it was great to remind myself of the cool clothes I am working towards. I should do that regularly!!


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