Thur 26th Aug


33g oats (118)

5g chia seeds (34)

10g [2] dates (29)

200ml light soya milk (44)

Couple of small splashes of light soya milk (15)

a peach (50)

25g fig bar (70)

M&S veg samosa (220)

M&S count on us s+v crisps (85)

banana (100)

jacket pot (-)

humous (300)

doves farm crispy choc bar (147)

TOTAL : 1212


walked 2.5 miles (in the rain!)


8.50am – It’s amazing how much better I feel after just one day of sensible eating. I look back on yesterday’s food list and it feels good. I feel better in myself because I feel in control and like I am working towards something rather than sabotaging it.


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