Wed 25th Aug


dorset cereals nut bar (137)

splash of soya milk (non-light kind) in tea (20)

200ml light soya milk for teas today (44)

banana (100)

160g mango (117)

100g houmous (300)

salad – mixed leaves, beetroot, pepper, cucumber, sprouted seeds, cherry tomatoes (-)

1 mini wholemeal pitta (44)

Goodlife nut cutlet (223)

roasted new pots + asparagus (-)

doves farm choc crispy rice bar (147)

TOTAL : 1132


Walked 2.5 miles


Something I need to remember is how utterly utterly shit I feel after a binge. Even during. The whole thing is so sad, and affects my mood for the day. I need to remember that eating well makes me feel great, and the number on the scales going down is amazing.


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