Ze Plan


I have such a stupid relationship with the scales, I need to get back on track with that. No more weighing every day. No no no. Twice a week is the plan. Wednesday morning and saturday morning.


Calorie counting I think is the only way for me, at least until I get to goal. Hopefully once there I can eat sensible portions of good foods and not lose the plot. But obviously I’ve done the lostitgaineditallbackagain thing just like everyone else, so I know the danger and will be on my guard!

So the plan is 1,100 to 1,200 a day PLUS all the vegetables I want. I can’t bear the thought of counting the calories in lettuce so that’s what I’ll try and do.

As a rough guide:

Breakfast: 200-250

Snack: 50-100

Lunch: 300 (biiig salad with humous/pita/etc)

Snack: 50-100

Tea: 300-400 (veggie burger or similar with lots of veg)

Snack: 100-150


I walk just over 2 miles a day on workdays, so that’s a good place to start. On top of that I’d like to swim once and jog or go for a long walk once, and do a bit of yoga at home. Maybe end up doing more. But way too often in the past, exercise has been either reward or punishment so I don’t want this to happen again.


I thought about my mindset as I embark on this, and I thought about what I would say if a friend told me she wanted to lose weight but was worried she might lose her mind/binge all the time/be completely miserable. My advice would be to focus on the positive and use that to give yourself strength. Meditate for calmness and focus on the end result. See food choices as ways of treating my body properly, fueling myself and being good to my insides.


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